What HTML5 e-learning authoring tools can do for you: 6 key benefits


HTML 5 e-Learning

So, you’ve read all about the best types of e-learning authoring tools out there. Now let’s take a look at what really sets some of them apart from the rest. The keywords here are greater effectiveness, lower costs and quicker content creation.

1. Highly effective content

Your e-learning software is only as good as the learning outcomes it produces. A key advantage of the best HTML5 tools is that they virtually guarantee the content will be effective. They include helpful assistance features that direct authors in creating high-impact learning content based on scientifically proven didactic methods.

2. Reusable templates

Speed is a crucial factor in the success of your e-learning program. The whole advantage of e-learning is that it enables you to quickly release new and updated training material. To take full advantage of this, choose an e-learning tool that offers reusable templates for authors to use when creating course. This ensures consistency and greatly speeds up the content-creation process. There’s no need to build content from scratch.

3. Sustainable investment

Since the content-creation is faster and learner outcomes are better, your organization automatically enjoys a greater return on its investment (ROI). To ensure a sustainable investment, you need to look a little below the surface of your e-learning authoring tool. Experts now agree that Flash-based e-learning is not the answer in the long run. That’s why HTML5 authoring tools are the smart choice for lasting benefits.

4. Multi-platform compatibility

The future of e-learning is multi-platform. Users need to have access to learning content at any time, whether it’s on a desktop computer or a mobile device, with or without access to your LMS. This is another possibility opened up by HTML5. Consider converting older SWF and Flash content to HTML5 to make it more versatile and ready to use across multiple platforms going forward. This prepares your e-learning program for the future, so you continue to benefit from an HTML5 solution.

5. Mobile-friendly content

One of the reasons why the latest generation of HTML5 e-learning authoring tools is so popular is their ability to create seamless mobile-friendly content. This is essential in today’s workforce, in which most professionals now use their mobile device to access important on-the-job knowledge.

6. Low learning curve

Always look for a tool with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface and streamlined feature set. This empowers authors to easily create content without spending months mastering the technology. These days, there’s no need to opt for complicated content-creation tools. The best software is designed to users of average technical skill, enabling your organization to quickly and efficiently grow an effective knowledge base.

The most sustainable e-learning solution

The e-learning industry is rapidly evolving as new technologies enter the market. Mobile-compatible solutions are more important than ever, and so are tools that support highly effective teaching methods like video tutorials and microcontent. Your e-learning authoring software is a crucial investment for your business, so it is necessary to consider all the factors discussed above before deciding on a supplier.

Be sure to take full advantage of HTML5 and its incredible potential for creating effective and cost-efficient learning content. It’s a sustainable choice that will continue to reward your company in the long term.