Web authoring tools: Top 6 benefits for your company

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The e-learning industry continues to evolve. Exciting new tools and solutions keep rolling out all the time. One of the biggest developments in recent years has been the rise of web authoring tools. These are fully online, cloud-based tools that your company can use to author its e-learning content.

Many major companies and organizations have fully embraced web authoring tools as the future of e-learning authoring. Others have been a little more reluctant.

Some companies may be hesitant to use a web-based authoring system because they are worried about storing sensitive information in the cloud. Others may have concerns about the user-friendliness of web authoring tools.

The good news is that web authoring tools are now safer and easier to use than ever. In fact, they’re generally much more secure and user-friendly than older, locally hosted tools!

If you’re on the fence about web authoring tools, consider these top six benefits that this powerful technology can offer your company:

1. State-of-the-art security

With conventional, locally hosted authoring tools, your training content is saved locally on your computer or network storage. At first glance, this may seem like a safer, more secure way of storing your data. However, many companies have learned the hard way that local storage is by no means safer than web storage. What happens if your computer crashes or you accidentally delete an important file? Even worse, what if your network gets hacked into or an important laptop or storage device goes missing?

One of the greatest things about web-based tools is that you don’t have to worry about these kinds of issues. The developers of web authoring tools have strict backup schedules and sophisticated security settings in place to keep your data safe and sound. You no longer have to worry about loss or theft. That means you can leave your data’s security to the experts and focus on your core business of authoring high-quality e-learning content.

2. Save time and money

Learning and development (L&D) teams at companies all over the world are faced with constant pressure to keep costs under control. There’s no better way to save costs than to reduce workloads (labor costs) with time-saving technologies. Web authoring tools give you a chance to create content more quickly and efficiently than ever. With web authoring tools, you can easily collaborate with your colleagues, regardless of their location. No more travel costs and content takes far less time to produce.

The software itself is generally provided on a subscription basis for a fraction of the cost of conventional software. Licenses are often flexible so that multiple users can work under the same account. Some web authoring tools even allow unlimited numbers of learners. And, best of all, web authoring tools are way easier to maintain. Just imagine how much you will save on IT and maintenance costs because you don’t have to install or update any software applications yourself!

3. No more outdated software

In addition to saving on IT costs, web authoring tools give you continual access to the latest technologies. Updates are generally included as standard with your license, so your authoring tool is future-proof! This is a major advantage compared with old-school locally installed software.

E-learning technology is constantly updating and improving as new technologies develop and research reveals new insights into how people learn. For the best learning experience, up-to-date technology is a must. There’s no easier way to achieve that than with a web-based authoring tool.

4. Easier publishing and localization options

If you’re creating training content for a large audience, spread out over multiple locations, then a web authoring tool will be your most vital asset. Web authoring tools make it possible for you to easily create and publish training content online.

Now, your learners simply need to go online to access the training course. They don’t need to install any special software or download special plugins. Modern web authoring tools work within the user’s browser so that accessing the content is easier and more convenient than ever.

Another great advantage of web authoring tools is its sophisticated localization options. The best web authoring tools give you the option of publishing your content in multiple languages. They include built-in automatic translation and localization options. This provides a seamless, customized learning experience for learners all around the globe.

5. Authoring without borders

Web authoring tools give trainers the freedom to create content from any location. You’re no longer tied to a specific office or work station. Now, you can log in to the online tool (from your home or on the road) and work on your content. The site is fully secure, so your company does not have to worry about cybersecurity threats. And you, as a content creator, can enjoy the convenience and flexibility of working from any location.

The best web authoring tools also allow you to easily collaborate in real time with colleagues spread out over different locations. There’s no need to travel great distances to meet with colleagues in person. Simply ask your colleague to log in from wherever they are and make their revisions!

6. An easy, user-friendly experience

Finally, web authoring tools generally offer a much easier user experience than old-school authoring programs. That’s because they are designed for the masses, while conventional software was generally designed for highly specialized instructional designers.

Often, these tools offer many reusable templates to help you get started even more quickly. Features are simple and self-explanatory, so there’s no need for lengthy training. With web authoring, creating high-quality e-learning content has never been easier.

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