Tracking and tracing of your Learners results

Looking for an LMS or an authoring tool, but not sure on your options regarding the tracking and tracing of your leaners results? Here is a short overview of the different options that will help you decide what it is you are looking for in your new tool.

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Probably the most well-known of all tracking and tracing options available on the market today is SCORM.  SCORM is a standard within the world of e-Learning that enables the tracking and tracing of learners results within an LMS. In order for a course to be SCORM compliant, it will have to meet the requirements set by the ADL.

The basic setup for a SCORM compliant course is as follows:

  1. Create a course with an e-Learning authoring tool or in an LMS.
  2. Publish your course as a SCORM package.
  3. Upload the SCORM package to your LMS
  4. Your LMS will now track and trace all your leaners and store their results.


XAPI is short for ‘eXperience API’. The term API stands for a technique that enables software to exchange certain information. Where SCORM only looks at learner’s results, XAPI will take it one step further and look at a learner’s experience. It will keep track of all learning experiences and store them within an LRS (learning record store). The big advantage of this method is that an LRS can exist both within the classic LMS and on its own. This allows for more flexibility on both the authors and the learners side. The course/quiz can be hosted on a blog, a website or even in an app on your smart phone!


Another standard for tracking and tracing results is AICC. Although it is not that well known within the e-Learning world as SCORM, it has actually been around the longest and dates back to 1993. At the moment it is mainly used within the world of aviation and some other technical industries. It can be considered as a direct competitor of SCORM and works on the same basic principle of tracking and tracing learners results (not their experience!).


Also known as the new kid on the block, CMI5 is the new standard for LMS’s created by the ADL. Where both SCORM and XAPI had its flaws, CMI5 looked to combine the two. It works as a set of rules providing all the options of both SCORM and XAPI merged into one. It was launched on June 1st, 2016 and has since seen a steady rise in usage both within the LMS’s and authoring tools worldwide.