Three reasons why the 70-20-10 approach ignites internal knowledge sharing

70-20-10 approach is the topic I have discussed with numerous learning managers. What they all have in common is they all see a real need to transition from a top-down approach in knowledge management to a user-centric approach. I found that there are three different kinds of reasons for them to implement user-generated learning.

Future-proofing knowledge management with the 70-20-10 approach

This group includes learning managers who believe corporate learning has to change fundamentally in order to remain relevant. They want to change the approach from top-down to bottom-up. They want to shift from learning management to learning facilitation. Enabling subject matter experts to easily create learning content is vital. That would mean instructional design will have to change from a creation function to a consulting function. 

Allowing rapid change to happen with the 70-20-10 approach

Many instructional design teams simply cannot keep up with demand for relevant, up-to-date instructions for their customer base (your workforce!). By the time a from-scratch course is completed, half its content could be considered outdated. And renewing content is very tedious with most tools available today. You would not get a good return on investment as a learning. So instead of creating courses for these training needs, provide subject matter experts with easy-to-use, low-threshold tools. This enables subject matter experts to easily curate or create their own content quickly, affordably and on time and share their expertise with others directly. 

Budget cuts

In many industries there is a strain on budgets for learning departments. The creation of content by corporate instructional designers or third parties is very expensive. Learning managers are looking for cheaper solutions. User-generated learning is one of the potential solutions. 

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