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E-learning best practices: Nine cornerstones of effective course creation

Most people in the workforce are experts in a certain field and are happy to share their knowledge with others. However, very few people are experts when it comes to creating e-learning courses. That's why we have identified nine cornerstones, or e-learning best practices, that can guide you in creating meaningful, effective learning content. Below, we introduce each of the cornerstones and tell you where you can find detailed information about each one.

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9 practical steps to creating an engaging compliance e-learning program: Part 1

For many trainers as well as learners, compliance training is kind of a necessary evil. We all know that regulatory compliance is crucial to our organization’s success, but at times compliance can feel like an abstract and even boring topic. In some cases, it may not be clear how compliance relates to our everyday jobs. Sometimes the opposite is true and compliance can seem like a no-brainer. In any case, it’s tricky to find the right way to keep trainees engaged with this topic.

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9 practical steps to creating an engaging compliance e-learning program: Part 2

In part one of this five-part series about compliance e-learning, we looked at creating specific learning objectives. Now, let’s look at the right order to follow when creating e-learning content on compliance and how to start creating the most effective content.

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Easygenerator training: Course reviews


In our most recent monthly training session, we switched things up a little and decided to ask our customers to send in their courses to be reviewed by our e-learning experts.   We picked three submissions for a live review during the session. The idea was a great success. Over 60 Easygenerator users signed up for the webinar!

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Use Learning Objectives

Using learning objectives is the first and probably most important cornerstone for e-learning course creation. What will your learners know or be able to do after they’ve taken your course? To answer this question, you need to set a SMART goal for your course or assessment. This is a must-have! Make things easy by breaking down your goal into a set of specific, measurable learning objectives.

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Writing better learning objectives in 3 easy steps

There’s more to being an effective trainer than simply giving learners access to useful educational resources. As an educator, your job is to guide the learning process. There’s no better way to start than to set clear learning objectives.

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Creating an Effective Online Course: Keeping Learners Engaged

In recent years, the internet has been used more and more for earning a living and starting a career. Along with others, online courses are now a huge part of this and the industry is now thought to be worth over $200 billion. For businesses and education institutions, e-learning is a fantastic resource which opens the door for content producers. However, the biggest challenge course creators face is not the formatting or distribution but rather keeping the content engaging. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of seven tips provided by the experts!

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Learning Objectives Drive Personalized Learning

Learning objectives play a crucial role in learning – supporting the learner by ensuring an understanding of learning expectations and outcomes.

Easygenerator (authoring environment) and aNewSpring (learning platform) have together created a higher level in the personalization of adaptive e-learning by connecting the learning objectives from both of their systems.

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Creating e-learning content around learning objectives with simple and user-friendly authoring tools

The research was conducted and analyzed by our marketing colleague Rayna Topalska.

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The difference between “learning objectives” and “learning outcomes”


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