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Creating an Effective Online Course: Keeping Learners Engaged

In recent years, the internet has been used more and more for earning a living and starting a career. Along with others, online courses are now a huge part of this and the industry is now thought to be worth over $200 billion. For businesses and education institutions, eLearning is a fantastic resource which opens the door for content producers. However, the biggest challenge course creators face is not the formatting or distribution but rather keeping the content engaging. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of seven tips provided by the experts!

Learning Objectives, e-learning

Create an e-Learning course: The didactical flow

When you make an e-Learning course, there are many things to consider for ensuring the quality and effectiveness of the course. For the next step in my internship at Easygenerator, I started looking at some important points that improve the didactics of the courses. I created a kind of didactical flow to illustrate the various steps in making an e-Learning course. There is a division in two main lines in the flow, namely the “what” and “how”.

Learning Objectives, e-learning

Learning Objectives Drive Personalized Learning

Learning objectives play a crucial role in learning – supporting the learner by ensuring an understanding of learning expectations and outcomes.

Easygenerator (authoring environment) and aNewSpring (learning platform) have together created a higher level in the personalization of adaptive eLearning by connecting the learning objectives from both of their systems.

Learning Objectives, e-learning

Creating eLearning Content around Learning Objectives with Simple and User-friendly Authoring Tools

The research was conducted and analyzed by our marketing colleague Rayna Topalska.