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How to Embed YouTube Videos

To embed a YouTube video you have to do the following:

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How to Use Smarthelp

A new help widget is now available for you to immediately answer all your questions and search for useful info.

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How to Whitelist a User

A whitelist is a list of users who are being provided with access to online courses. This feature is now available for all Easygenerator accounts, so you can control access to your Easygenerator courses based on your learners’ email addresses.

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How to Move Courses From One Account to Another

In order to use a different email within your Easygenerator account, you need to create a new account associated with your new email and migrate all the courses.
To transfer your courses from an old account to a new one, you have to:

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How to Embed an Iframe

To embed an Iframe you have to do the following:

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How to Customize Easygenerator Templates

In Easygenerator, templates are used to define the look and feel of a course, the layout of the content and the type of interaction between a learner and a course.

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How to Reuse Sections

Save your time by copying a whole section from one course to another.

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How to create a hotspot in Easygenerator

At easygenerator we add features and improvements every week. This week I want to draw your attention to a cool new feature: The HotSpot


How to reuse content in Easygenerator

When you have created content, you might want to reuse it. You have for example, created a course with content pages and questions, and now you want to create a quiz with the same questions. This post will tell you how to achieve that.

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The 70-20-10 Model: It’s origins and critisims

The 70-20-10 model is perhaps one of the most interesting learning and development models. Going back to 1996, it is often two Morgan McCall colleagues who are credited for the model having released data relating to the industry. Robert Eichinger and Michael Lombardo, the two employees, created a survey of around 200 executives to assess how they learned. To many people’s surprise, the results came in and the learning and development world shifted.

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