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Onboarding best practices for startups: Scale and train your team effectively without the resource constraints

Like any other company, your startup needs to hire and train new employees as it continues to grow. Onboarding is crucial for integrating new employees into your company’s culture and ensuring they have the necessary skills. 

However, startups face some unique challenges when it comes to training. By definition, they are young companies, so they often lack well-established onboarding best practices. Startups also operate in highly dynamic markets with new, innovative business models, so they’re constantly under pressure to do things quickly, even when it comes to training. And lastly, they may not have huge budgets set aside for training, because other areas of the business take priority. 

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Monthly Training Session: Assessment best practices and going beyond multiple-choice

57% of Easygenerator course assessments are single- or multiple-choice questions. But did you know that using a variety of question types can help your learners engage and retain knowledge?

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How to personalize your onboarding training

Everyone knows that excited, nervous feeling of your first day on the job. You’re eager to get started, but also trying to keep up with the overload of new faces, a new workspace, and all the new company rules and procedures. With all these things on your mind, it’s no wonder new hire training can be such a daunting, even slightly scary process. So, what can trainers do to make onboarding more welcoming and more effective for new hires? The key is personalization.

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6 notorious onboarding training challenges and how you can overcome them

So, your company has recruited some top talent and you’ve got some new, highly-motivated employees ready to get started. That’s great, but what do you do now? Time for onboarding, of course: that crucial stage in which you get new hires up to speed with company policy, integrate them into the company’s culture and show them the ropes of their new position. But that’s easier said than done.

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Product Update: June 2019

The notification center has had a complete redesign, with a new, modern look and new types of notifications, including new comments and replies. Learn all about the most recent features and improvements that will help you share your knowledge more effectively.

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7 steps to creating a training program for your organization

In business, there are not a lot of guarantees. However, a few years back, a study by the American Society for Training and Development (now known as the Association for Talent Development) discovered an unmistakable link between implementing a formal training program and increasing your organization’s profitability.

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Checklist: The e-learning software features you need in the telecoms industry

Choosing the right e-learning or authoring software for your organization can be the difference between an unresolved backlog of training requests and expensive maintenance costs, and accelerating your organization’s skill-set and success (and within budget).

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Choosing the right e-learning software for FMCG

When you’re new to e-learning, finding the right e-learning or authoring software can be a daunting task. Do you create courses in-house? Do you hire an external instructional designer? Do you need authoring software or an LMS?

In the fast-paced consumer goods industry, your e-learning software requirements become even more specific. L&D teams in the FMCG sector need to meet large volumes of training requests on ever-tighter budgets. You need to evaluate whether your e-learning software enables rapid turnaround on courses, whether it’s easy to localize courses for your global market, how easy it is to access and collaborate on courses, does it enable user-generated content creation?

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Product Update: May 2019

 Improvements to the co-authoring feature, replies to external reviewer comments and All-in-one template enhancements. Learn all about the most recent features and improvements that will help you share your knowledge more effectively.

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The role of e-learning in onboarding training and employee retention

While recruitment is generally considered to be the hardest aspect in enticing a new employee, retention can often prove to be just as, if not, the hardest detail in doing so.

A low retention rate is the result of many factors, such as difficulties in fostering relationships with colleagues, an apathetic workplace or even absentee supervision. When it comes to challenges faced, problems in retention continue to reign for many organizations. Since no organization can thrive without its employees, an onboarding program that is constructive and comprehensive can help mitigate this issue.

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