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7 insider tips for authoring high-impact e-learning content

We all know how advantageous e-learning can be for learners and educators. However, it takes some skill to author high-quality e-learning content.

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How your organization can benefit from cloud-based e-learning

Major companies and educational institutions all over the world have embraced e-learning for its long list of benefits. From quicker, more efficient learning to better educational outcomes, e-learning is definitely the future of learning and development. However, there is still plenty of potential to improve e-learning technology to make it even more efficient and cost-effective.

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The difference between “learning objectives” and “learning outcomes”


Educational technology, e-learning

Six great reasons to try online learning

The internet has rapidly changed almost every area of our lives, from how we socialize to how we shop and much more. So, perhaps it is no surprise that the internet has transformed the world of training and education in recent years.

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Top 10 benefits of online learning

If you are a student or an employee entering the workforce today, chances are you’ve already come into contact with online learning (or “e-learning”). That’s because many companies and institutions of higher learning are now embracing this proven teaching methodology.


The benefits of online learning: A quick introduction

Online learning or “e-learning” has revolutionized education and training in recent years. Today, companies and learning institutions are increasingly turning to digital teaching methods to reach larger numbers of learners with ever-increasing speed and efficiency.

Learning Objectives, e-learning

How to write measurable learning objectives

If you are an educator who regularly creates course content for e-learning, it’s important that you know how to write explicit learning objectives. These are the goals that you want to achieve with your course or training content. They enable you to easily assess the effectiveness of your course.

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