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How to launch an impactful knowledge management process

Knowledge management is a collaborative process that enables the retention and sharing of expertise in an organization. It aims to maximize the productivity of an organization through sharing success stories and best practices. Tapping in on that knowledge can cut the repetition of mistakes.

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9 practical steps to creating an engaging compliance e-learning program: Part 4

In the first three parts of this five-part series, we’ve covered some key steps to getting started with creating e-learning content for compliance training. Now that you’ve covered the basics to creating compliance-related content (steps one through five), let’s look at some best practices for getting even more out of your compliance-related e-learning program.

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First Curate, Then Create

Sharing your knowledge through an e-learning course is a great initiative, but it only adds real value if you have something new to say. So, before creating a course, the first step is to check whether any resources already exist that cover the same topic.