Rotate your Classroom with Easygenerator

Imagine a classroom where the students are able to spend their class time passing an engaging online course, collaborating on creative projects with their peers and getting on-time support and assistance from a teacher. No rows of desks lined up facing a wall, no boring instruction anymore. Seems unbelievable? Blended learning makes it possible!

Station Rotation model, one of the most popular blended learning models worldwide, transfers a traditional theory-based classroom into a virtually enriched, hands-on workshop.

During the classroom, students rotate on a fixed schedule among various modalities which usually include 3 learning stations: 1) online learning; 2) face-to-face instruction; 3) group projects.

For example, a learner may complete an assignment online, then participate in a group activity and, finally, engage in teacher-led instruction.

The most difficult part while integrating Station Rotation model is to create an interactive, well-designed, and didactically sound online course. Searching for an easy and time-saving way to do it? Try out Easygenerator and explore multiple e-learning opportunities to reimagine your classroom.