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Why course objectives and learning outcomes matter

Part 1: The benefits of course objectives and learning outcomes

Have you ever taken an online course, watched a tutorial video or read an educational article where you started to ask yourself, “What’s the point? Why do I need to know this?” If so, the content you were viewing probably lacked clear course objectives and learning outcomes. If you are writing your own content as a trainer or instructor, this two-part series will help you to improve your content by creating clear course objectives and learning outcomes. Part one explains what learning outcomes and course objectives are, and why they matter.

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Top 10 benefits of online learning

If you are a student or an employee entering the workforce today, chances are you’ve already come into contact with online learning (or “e-learning”). That’s because many companies and institutions of higher learning are now embracing this proven teaching methodology.


The benefits of online learning: A quick introduction

Online learning or “e-learning” has revolutionized education and training in recent years. Today, companies and learning institutions are increasingly turning to digital teaching methods to reach larger numbers of learners with ever-increasing speed and efficiency.

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Easygenerator Renews Global Nielsen Contract

Rotterdam-based startup helps data measurement company drive user-generated learning

Learning Objectives, e-learning

How to write measurable learning objectives

If you are an educator who regularly creates course content for e-learning, it’s important that you know how to write explicit learning objectives. These are the goals that you want to achieve with your course or training content. They enable you to easily assess the effectiveness of your course.

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Easygenerator in Top 100 e-Learning Tools Globally

High adoption of online cloud tools and social media by learning professionals. 

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Still using Powerpoint for Courses? Really?

Easygenerator launches new version of its web-based e-learning authoring tool.