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The incredible benefits of online learning: Engaging employees and boosting business

Today’s most successful companies understand the importance of employee engagement and job satisfaction. They also know that giving employees plenty of opportunities to grow and learn new skills is an excellent way to boost engagement. That’s because employees are eager to learn and develop professionally. This not only creates better career opportunities for the employees, but also improves the quality of their work, so they contribute more to their employers.

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Which type of e-learning authoring software is best?

If you’re here, then chances are you’re trying to make sense of the tricky world of e-learning authoring tools. So many choices, where do you begin? Don’t despair. After reading this article, you’ll have a firm grasp of the pros and cons of five of the most common types of e-learning authoring tools out there.

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Web authoring tools: Top 6 benefits for your company

The e-learning industry continues to evolve. Exciting new tools and solutions keep rolling out all the time. One of the biggest developments in recent years has been the rise of web authoring tools. These are fully online, cloud-based tools that your company can use to author its e-learning content.

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A quick intro to AICC for e-learning

Anyone who’s been working in the e-learning industry over the past few years has probably come across the name “AICC” before. It's actually been one of the key concepts throughout the history of online training and education.

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7 insider tips for authoring high-impact e-learning content

We all know how advantageous e-learning can be for learners and educators. However, it takes some skill to author high-quality e-learning content.

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Easygenerator launches gradebook

SCORM is a thing of the past as Easygenerator brings performance tracking and course engagement to the masses.

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How your organization can benefit from cloud-based e-learning

Major companies and educational institutions all over the world have embraced e-learning for its long list of benefits. From quicker, more efficient learning to better educational outcomes, e-learning is definitely the future of learning and development. However, there is still plenty of potential to improve e-learning technology to make it even more efficient and cost-effective.

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The difference between “learning objectives” and “learning outcomes”


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L&D Professionals are Turning to Employee-generated Learning

Easygenerator up 18 places in the annual Jane Hart top 200 tool for learning.

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From PowerPoint to e-learning in just a few minutes

Turning PPT courses into e-learning modules is a breeze with the new document-embedding functionality from Easygenerator.