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Turn your PowerPoint into effective e-learning

With a call to do more with less (less time, less resource, less guidance), L&D is placed in a unique situation to build on existing human and knowledge resources in order to meet training needs. This calls for a well-crafted knowledge sharing strategy, like Employee-generated Learning.

But how do we enable employees to share knowledge with less time, less resource, and less guidance? Turn your information-overloaded PowerPoint presentations into effective e-learning.


SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004

For many people, it can be confusing, but there are actually two versions of SCORM available on the market: SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004, but what is the difference? The answer to that question can be found in the three changes that the newest version (2004) brings to the table.

user generated learning

5 recommendations for implementing Employee-generated Learning

Moving towards Employee-generated Learning is not easy, but the recommendations and tips shared in this article can help you ensure successful implementation of this very rewarding practice.

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Improving e-learning: Getting past the PowerPoint mindset

It's hard to imagine the business world today without PowerPoint. From product launches to sales pitches, PowerPoint is a useful tool with many applications. Yet, when it comes to e-learning, you may be surprised to learn that PowerPoint is far from the most effective method for presenting information. 

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5 ways for managers to encourage knowledge sharing

No matter the size of your organization, human capital is your most important asset.  People are retainers and traders of crucial business knowledge and first-hand experience. So it's no wonder that knowledge sharing can leverage the strengths in your organization.

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Product Update: August 2019

New this month: improvements for co-authors, a big update to the course introduction editor, and an even more secure checkout process. Learn how organizations within Easygenerator can benefit from the latest enhancements and share knowledge more effectively.

Blended Learning

Electrolux & Easygenerator win Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Award

In order to meet growing training needs spread across multiple countries, Electrolux decided to move to a blended learning approach for its product training. Easygenerator supported Electrolux in this mission by enabling trainers to capture their knowledge and expertise as e-learning. For this, Electrolux and Easygenerator have been awarded the Brandon Hall “Excellence in Learning Award 2019”.

Blended Learning

A La Carte Model

The A La Carte learning model combines face-to-face instruction with an elective online course chosen by the learner according to their interests or needs. This way, a trainer can expand the range of study resources that learners may choose from in order to boost their motivation and ultimately personalize their learning path.

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11 Insider tips to increase e-learning engagement - Part 2

As part of this mini-series on developing e-learning, we take a closer look at how to make your online training as engaging as possible, and how to guarantee your content ‘sticks’.

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11 Insider tips to increase e-learning engagement - Part 1

No matter how sophisticated your e-learning tool, or how important the information you’re sharing – unless you’re able to engage your learners and make your content stick, you’re bound to be wasting your resources.

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