New to e-learning? Easygenerator gives you a kick-start

e-Learning authoring

Are you ready to develop an e-learning course? Watch out!  It can get complicated very quickly because you need to:

  • Buy and install an authoring environment and be trained on it.
  • Buy, install and customize a LMS.
  • Provide course hosting and access for learners.
  • Have knowledge of SCORM and XAPI (TinCan).
  • Have instructional design knowledge.
  • Design course look and feel.

All that has changed now! Easygenerator offers all this and more. This post reviews all this information and explains how Easygenerator revolutionizes the world of e-Learning, making it accessible to everyone.

Buy and install an authoring environment and be trained on it

Easygenerator is designed with you in mind – someone with little or no experience in e-learning. Easygenerator is so easy you can start developing courses without any training! Also, you don’t need to install anything, just go to and sign up. Everything is in the cloud. You will be up and running in seconds.

You can buy Easygenerator but you can also use it for free and still use all of its features. And you can switch between Plans every month, based on your needs.

Buy and install a LMS

Don’t bother. Do you need an authoring tool that provides course accessibility to learners and lets you check their learning results? Easygenerator offers all that.

Provide course hosting and access for learners

No need for any of that. Use Easygenerator servers at no additional cost and with a single click you can host your courses. Hosting is included in the price for an unlimited number of learners.

Must have knowledge of SCORM and XAPI (TinCan)

What do all these strange abbreviations mean? Don’t worry – you don’t need to try and figure it out. With Easygenerator, all you need is included in a simple and intuitive interface. SCORM and XAPI are integrated in Easygenerator software giving you the flexibility for easy authoring, easy publishing and the ability to track results.

Design a course look and feel

Easygenerator is template based. Choose your template, choose your theme, upload your logo and you’ve just customized the course look and feel.

Need to have instructional design knowledge

Our goal is to help you create instructionally sound and effective e-Learning courses. Easygenerator is more than a tool, because it supports course development with a didactical approach built into it, ready for you to use. Easygenerator offers support through additional free tools (such as the learning objective maker, blogs, courses, webinars and Q&A sessions) in order to enable you to reach your goal.

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