Learning Objectives Drive Personalized Learning

Learning objectives play a crucial role in learning – supporting the learner by ensuring an understanding of learning expectations and outcomes.

Easygenerator (authoring environment) and aNewSpring (learning platform) have together created a higher level in the personalization of adaptive e-learning by connecting the learning objectives from both of their systems.

We each offer products that have learning objectives at the heart of their solutions. In Easygenerator, learning objectives are at the center of course design integrating content questions, course progress and a personalized learning approach (study advice) based on learning objective outcomes. In aNewSpring, learning objectives create an adaptive learning path based on the outcome of a course, leading the learner to the best course or learning activity for their demonstrated level.

Now the learning objectives from an Easygenerator SCORM course can be used as part of the personal learning path in aNewSpring, with the results of each objective reported into the learning platform.

In Easygenerator, learning objectives are used to create a personal plan or study advice, guiding the learner to those areas that need improvement. In aNewSpring, learning objectives are used to create an adaptive learning path that determines what course or activity a learner should complete next. Now the two have been combined. An Easygenerator course can be placed in the adaptive learning path in aNewSpring and the course can report results for each learning objective to the learning platform, enabling the adaptive learning path.

aNewSpring suggests a SCORM activity based on your Learning objective profile

Merging Learning Objectives – How does it work?


  1. Create a course in Easygenerator
  2. Define the learning objectives in the objective dashboard
  3. Connect the questions (and information pages) that score progress to the objective
  4. Publish the course as a SCORM package

More detailed info on working with learning objectives can be found on the Easygenerator help site.

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