How to Whitelist a User

A whitelist is a list of users who are being provided with access to online courses. This feature is now available for all Easygenerator accounts, so you can control access to your Easygenerator courses based on your learners’ email addresses.

Note: This feature is not available in the Reader template and Learning Paths.

To whitelist your users, go to the Publish step of the course editor. There is the Settings tab on each publishing option, where you can create a whitelist of users who can take your course. 

Add a learner’s email and check Send course invitations to people box, then send invites. To invite multiple users, use space, commas or semicolons between emails.

Thus, your learners will get an email invitation with a unique course link. If unregistered users try to open the same course, they will be banned from seeing the content.

Note: Don’t forget to update the course after adding learners to the whitelist.