Getting started with Easygenerator, here's what you need to know

For Subject Matter Experts

Most authoring tools on the market are tailoring to instructional designers. Giving them endless option to create pixel perfect courses. At Easygenerator we believe that anybody who has specific knowledge should be able to quickly create instructional sound learning content and share that with colleagues real time. We prioritize ease of use over endless features while making sure courses are built on instructional principles such as learning objectives. Putting the power in the subject matter expert's hand to share knowledge is our core mission.

We call this methodology: Employee-generated Learning (EGL). We've written an eBook about Employee-generated Learning that details why it is the next step in L&D and how to start implementing it within your organization.

Download the Employee-generated learning eBook here.

Easygenerator fits your existing systems, seamlessly

Having an Learning Management System only solves one part of the equation, managing learning content, but to get the most out of your Learning Management System, organizations need to scale their body of knowledge fast. Every Easygenerator course can be uploaded in any format to your LMS, to allow you to track and trace your learner's progress.

Here are some of the integrations we offer:

  • Learning Management Systems - The courses created in Easygenerator work fine in any SCORM 1.2 compliant LMS. While each LMS is unique, they all vary in quality and have different core features.
  • API's - Easygenerator APIs allow integrating services you use with Easygenerator to go beyond the default integrations.
  • XAPI - Learn more about reporting to an external LRS, xAPI standard, and our free open-source LRS.
  • SSO - Learn how to set-up the single sign-on for your learners.
  • LTI - Embed/integrate Easygenerator into a 3rd party tool or platform using LTI.

Dont worry about cross-device compatibilty

All courses are published in responsive HTML5 format that work perfectly on smartphones, tablets and desktops.


You dont need to invest in an LMS, before starting to scale your body of knowledge.

The Easygenerator Team Plan and Enterprise Plan covers everything you need to start with creating learning content within your organization. There are no other authoring tools on the market that also allow you to track and trace your learners without requiring an LMS and that allows organizations to manage their teams to collaborate with eachother while creating course.

If you would like to know what the state is of L&D, download this whitepaper on the 2018 trends within L&D.

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