From PowerPoint to e-learning in just a few minutes

Turning PPT courses into e-learning modules is a breeze with the new document-embedding functionality from Easygenerator.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands November 07, 2017

Easygenerator, vendor of cutting-edge authoring software, has just announced the launch of a new feature that allows the conversion of e-learning content from PowerPoint (not to mention Adobe PDF, Excel and Word documents) to interactive and engaging e-learning courses.

With this feature, businesses can put all of their course offerings onto one platform, thus increasing the employee engagement with existing learning content. The platform also gives authors insights into what learners think of their courses.

Up and running in no time. 
A lot of existing EdTech is complex and calls for some expertise in instructional design. That’s why subject-matter experts without a background in instructional design often struggle to get started in creating online courses.

Creating polished, interactive and engaging content from scratch is already easy with Easygenerator. But the ability to embed legacy knowledge and documents means an organization can centralize its entire corpus of learning materials, thus ensuring knowledge continuity and broadening the range of offerings on hand.

More interactive than ever. 
Researchers at Harvard recently conducted a double-blind study* with a broad sample of learners, and showed that the learning impact from PowerPoint is rather low (not to mention that it harms learners’ perceptions of businesses and their brands!).

With Easygenerator’s easy-to-use templates, the ability to add interactive questions to slides, the broad range of design options, and the possibility to include real-life scenarios with various outcomes promise to improve learning outcomes considerably.

More engaging than ever. 
With the new document-embedding feature, businesses can centralize all of their existing e-learning materials into curated collections. One of the platform’s most popular features offers the ability to create links to outside resources such as university or company web pages without leaving the course. So creating work instructions with background information, or linking to the latest checklists or documentation in courses on compliance, has never been easier.

Seamless integration with learning-management systems. 
So how does it work? Just upload your PowerPoint, Adobe PDF, Excel or Word documents and add question types around your existing content. You can also publish all your new or upgraded content in SCORM, xAPI, responsive HTML5 or in any course directly accessible online. Easygenerator is also compatible with any learning management system (LMS) and any Learning Record Store (LRS).

About Easygenerator. 
Easygenerator has been providing cloud-based authoring software since 2012 Subject-matter experts with no background in e-learning use it to quickly create engaging content, instead of having to rely on traditional course methods. The Rotterdam-based company has more than 30,000 users in over 150 countries. Customers include T-Mobile, Unilever, New Relic and Drake University. Since 2012 Easygenerator has grown more than 100% each year.

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*source Harvard double-blind study: Does a presentation’s medium affect its message? PowerPoint, Prezi, and oral presentations:

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