E-Learning: The Business-Friendly Learning Solution

e-Learning solution

E-learning provides a wealth of benefits for companies compared with conventional training methods. That’s because it helps companies stay competitive by keeping their workforce better educated. It helps them train employees faster than ever, often at a fraction of the cost of traditional training methods. Many companies have known about these advantages for years, but there’s a new benefit that we are only beginning to grasp: did you know that e-learning also helps you attract and retain top talent? Here are seven ways e-learning can give your business the competitive advantage.

1. Cheaper and easier

Budgets for learning and development (L&D) continue to shrink, even as the demand for training content skyrockets. The corporate world is faster and more competitive than ever. The only way your business’s L&D operation can succeed is to start doing less with more. That’s exactly what e-learning enables you to do. Rolling out a SaaS e-learning platform costs a fraction of what you would spend on a full-service L&D department that caters to every employee’s learning needs. Devote precious L&D resources to more strategic learning activities, like predicting trends and identifying educational gaps. Let your e-learning platform serve your employees’ training needs and empower them to create an interactive, online community to support and educate each other. It’s a sustainable investment that rewards you with a smarter, more adaptable workforce.

2. Adaptable and flexible

Speaking of an adaptable workforce, e-learning is the best way to keep your organization agile and ready to face unpredictable, short-term challenges. The market is continually in motion and your business can only succeed if your people keep pace with the changes. Education is a never-ending process. The larger your company, the less likely it is that your L&D team can entirely fulfill its learning needs, let alone do so quickly enough. E-learning makes it easier and faster to maintain an up-to-date knowledge base, especially when employees themselves are responsible for contributing. In its strategic role as a visionary and trendwatcher, L&D can direct employees to create the right kinds of content.

3. E-learning makes it easier to access information

Today’s employees demand hassle-free access to the information they need. Our culture is used to instant access to knowledge via Google, Wikipedia, YouTube or other channels. Why should employees settle for slow, outdated learning channels at work? With e-learning, they don’t have to. E-learning gives employees the convenient, user-friendly experience they expect. That means a smarter workforce that’s better equipped to do its job.

4. Enable employees to do a better job

Since e-learning makes employees better-equipped to do their jobs, it’s only logical that they’ll perform better and be more productive. Now that they don’t have to waste time searching for knowledge or spend hours off the work floor taking a classroom training course, they’re free to focus on their tasks and the company’s core business.

5. Personalized learning process

Conventional training is a one-size-fits-all solution. Employees all go through the same training course and take the same exam. All are expected to arrive at the same conclusions. However, not all learners are alike. Furthermore, not all employees need the same information for the same purposes. E-learning gives employees the freedom to access the information that’s truly relevant to them. They can also access the same information as many times as they need, whenever they need it. Some employees may need to repeat the same steps more often than others before they’ve internalized the information. With e-learning, this is never a problem, because the information is always just a click away.

6. Engaging and immersive experience

Another reason why e-learning is so effective is because it encourages interaction and proactive engagement with the material. Whereas old-school classroom training was often an interruption in an employee’s workday, e-learning encourages hands-on learning. Now employees can learn as they go, following interactive online tutorials as they perform tasks in real time.

7. E-learning makes you a more attractive employer

It’s tough enough to recruit good talent these days, let alone retain it. E-learning gives your brightest stars a chance to shine, because it encourages them to share their knowledge and help others within your company’s online learning community. In return, these star employees will feel recognized and rewarded, which means they’ll be more engaged with their jobs and more likely to feel personally invested in the company. That’s how e-learning gives your company staying power.

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