Learn the optimal size for e-learning design: Bite size is the right size.

When it comes to e-learning, less is more. Authors should avoid creating courses or assessments that are too large for people to chew on in one go. To find out the right size, duration and medium for an effective e-learning design, Easygenerator conducted a study with over 200 participants which it then enhanced with existing market research.




Findings from our  e-learning design Study

During the study, learners completed an online course consisting of a pre-test, a lesson and a post-test identical to the pre-test. After that, they gave the course a net promoter score (NPS), meaning they rated how likely they were to recommend the course to others. Two versions of the same course were distributed randomly to the participants to assess how factors like structure, design or pictures influence learning outcomes and NPS.     

The study found that optimizing courses in the following ways improved learner performance between the pre-test and post-test. Plus, these tweaks appeared to increase learner engagement because learners were more likely to spend time on the course.

Here’s a visual primer of the key points revealed by our study:

   e-learning course design cheatsheet.

For more details on these pointers, download our free research paper titled “Data-Driven Cheat Sheet for Creating Perfect E-learning Courses.”

Following the guidelines described above helps you create bite-sized learning modules. These short, freestanding modules let learners quickly consume knowledge and grasp concepts. Because the content is broken up into short modules, learners don’t have to work through the entire course at once. They can hop on and off the content at their own pace. To make things even more flexible, Easygenerator features cross-device progress saving which allows learners to take a break and then return to the learning “bites” later, from any device with an internet connection.

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