Easygenerator Turns 5

Easygenerator employee-generated learning

A look back at 5 years of changing the L&D landscape with Employee-generated Learning.

Fast-paced change

Change is the only constant when growing a company. Still, when I look back on Easygenerator’s first five years, I’m amazed at how our company has grown, and what an impact we’ve had in the lives of over 1 million learners worldwide.

When Easygenerator’s SaaS platform launched at DevLearn in 2013, we knew we were onto something groundbreaking. Our authoring software empowered subject matter experts in any field to easily capture and share their knowledge. Yet we never imagined how great the demand for our product really was.

From our first corporate client, Nielsen, in 2015, we rapidly expanded to reach the 1 million learner mark by 2017, partnering along the way with some of the world’s leading enterprises from Walmart to T-Mobile to Unilever. With 100% growth each year for the last three years, our company has become synonymous with Employee-generated Learning (EGL), our original solution to the challenges facing today’s L&D departments.

I was honored to accept the Golden Excellence in E-Learning Award from CLO Media this year on behalf of Easygenerator. However, an even greater thrill for me was to attend DevLearn 2018 in Las Vegas and see how excited the L&D community is about our EGL model. Seeing others adopt our model has been mind-blowing to me, and it is truly a cause to celebrate our first five years.

Kasper Spiro, CEO of Easygenerator

Customers First

Success isn’t just about having innovative, game-changing products. It also takes a powerful focus on people. Easygenerator has always been committed to customer success. As shareholder Michiel Schipperus puts it, “Ultimately, the business is only sustainable if the customers are satisfied with the product.” Operations Manager Mick Dubelaar agrees, adding, “We only succeed when our users succeed!”

The decision to introduce net promoter scores (NPS) to the Easygenerator platform early on was a game-changer for customer success. “NPS gave a ‘face’ to our users around the world,” says Michiel Schipperus. “What made that moment so great was how enthusiastic the customers were about the product.” NPS enables Easygenerator to continually adapt its product, giving customers exactly what they need. Product Owner Valera Kontsedailo recalls, “When the Pro plan was launched so successfully in 2015, it was clear to us what a great fit our product was for the market.”

Onward and upward

With its customer-centric approach and its EGL model shaking up the L&D space, Easygenerator has experienced incredible growth over the past five years. Head of Marketing Ron van Valkengoed recalls, “What started out as a one-desk office has turned into a team of over 30 people in the Netherlands and Ukraine, with customers like Nielsen and Unilever.”

The Easygenerator team now proudly looks back on an amazing five years, but the company’s focus is always on the future. The L&D world is only starting to recognize the power of EGL, and many great things are still yet to come. We look forward to many more shared successes in the years to come!

The Nielsen Case