Easygenerator Renews Global Nielsen Contract

Rotterdam-based startup helps data measurement company drive user-generated learning

Rotterdam  July 13, 2017

Nielsen has renewed its partnership with e-learning authoring software provider Easygenerator to help scale its training and development needs. Through Easygenerator’s cloud-based software, a majority of Nielsen’s 40,000 employees have access to create learning content to meet training needs across the business.

Learning through working

The relationship between Nielsen and Easygenerator fits into the 70-20-10-model, where employees learn 70 percent of their skills on the job, 20 percent through coaching and feedback, and 10 percent through formal training. “Easygenerator allows our global learning team to focus on formal solutions that support strategic business priorities. At the same time it empowers employees across the company to create additional learning content to support the specific needs of their teams,” said Kevin Claus, Nielsen’s Director of Talent Engagement & Development.

Employees creating content

Nielsen is undergoing rapid business change. Easygenerator has helped Nielsen employees who are closest to the content own more of the training creation, enabling real-time knowledge sharing across the business.

This also ensures that content is localized and relevant to end users. “Nielsen employees can create learning content, without needing extensive training. That brings the average cost per course down significantly,” said Easygenerator CEO Kasper Spiro.

Partnership is the key

The evolution of a user-driven model starts with confidence in employee knowledge, then requires a trusted relationship between expertise and technology. Easygenerator and Nielsen have worked together to design a model that accounts for these variables. Nielsen shared business needs with Easygenerator and Easygenerator, in turn, developed solutions to address these needs. From an easy-to-access tool with global reach, to custom templates and printer-friendly outputs, Easygenerator has worked with Nielsen to create a win-win solution.

About Easygenerator 

Easygenerator has been providing cloud-based e-learning software since 2014. Employees are enabled to quickly create engaging content, instead of relying on traditional course development processes. The Rotterdam-based company has more than 30,000 users in over 150 countries. Clients include T-Mobile, Unilever, New Relic and Drake University. Since 2015 Easygenerator’s annual financial turnover has increased by 100%.

The Nielsen Case