Easygenerator rated hottest product on capterra

Easygenerator reaches the number one spot on Capterra as hottest product, while hitting a new milestone of over 1,000,000 learners a year. 

ROTTERDAM, the Netherlands June 25, 2018

Easygenerator, the fast-growing company behind the popular cloud-based authoring tool, has topped the rankings on Capterra in the category of course-authoring software. Capterra, part of Gartner, Inc., is a leading authority in online software reviews. Easygenerator was named “hottest product” in the course-authoring software category after receiving the most trial or demo requests from Capterra users.

“We are very proud to be the ‘hottest product’ on Capterra,” says Easygenerator CEO Kasper Spiro, “especially because it is based on user reviews — not a paid panel or sponsored team — but real users who rate our product better than any other authoring tool. After recently hitting the milestone of over 1,000,000 learners per year, this is yet another sign of recognition for Easygenerator among the learning and development (L&D) community, HR and subject matter experts.”

With its employee-generated learning (EGL) approach for enterprises and mid-sized businesses, Easygenerator is changing the way companies develop training and stimulate knowledge sharing.

“Empowering your employees to create learning content is a true game changer,” says Spiro. “Content creation is now shifting away from people who specialize in e-Learning creation to those who are subject matter experts themselves. Any employee can create an e-Learning course about topics on which he or she is and expert. Companies can create more courses on the same budget, within days instead of months, and they can maintain published content and keep it up to date.”

About Easygenerator

Since 2014, Easygenerator has been a provider of cloud-based e-learning authoring software, empowering employees to quickly create and share engaging content without relying on traditional course methods. The Rotterdam-based company has a clientele of more than 1,000 companies in over 150 countries, including T-Mobile, Unilever, Electrolux and Kellogg. Easygenerator has grown more than 100% each year since 2015.

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