Easygenerator launches gradebook

SCORM is a thing of the past as Easygenerator brings performance tracking and course engagement to the masses.

ROTTERDAM, The Netherlands December 21, 2017

Easygenerator has launched Gradebook, a way to instantly see how your learners are performing by providing in-depth tracking and tracing of their performance. Previously you needed to invest in complicated and expensive Learning Management Systems (LMS) to be able to track and trace learners’ results; now with Gradebook, every Easygenerator author has the ability to quickly get insights into performance as well as course engagement. In addition to simplified reporting, Gradebook offers a more cost effective approach to setting up Learning and Development (L&D) efforts. Being cost effective at the beginning of setting up L&D efforts is crucial for companies who are scaling up.

Easygenerator’s Gradebook mimics most of SCORM’s data points, but by being built into the authoring environment, it cuts out the need for a LMS. With an advanced UX, Gradebook provides authors faster insights without the reliance on SCORM and allows you to quickly spot learners who need a little bit of extra attention. Gradebook also allows for full data analysis by providing raw data downloading with new and improved Excel and CSV options.

As well as tracking performance, Easygenerator’s Gradebook also provides valuable course engagement data based on the Net Promoter Score (NPS) methodology. After course completion, learners are able to provide both qualitative and quantitative feedback back to the author, creating a complete feedback loop and offering authors valuable information to optimize their curriculum and enhance their learning program. Not only do authors benefit from this, but this opens up possibilities for content creators in general by answering the question most marketers, writers and publishers would love to know: how well is content actually perceived.

“With Gradebook, Easygenerator is bringing in-depth tracking and tracing to the masses. We looked at what data companies track and trace with Learning Management Systems and created Gradebook to match the needs of what people actually track, instead of what you could track. A lot of the data points in Learning Management Systems barely matter anymore and Learning Management Systems are such a barrier to getting started with learning programs, we wanted to lower that barrier. We advocate speed and want to give authors quick insights in two things: learners’ performance and course engagement. The latter is for the author to create a feedback loop with learners, to keep optimizing their courses.”

Kasper Spiro, CEO, Easygenerator

About Easygenerator 

Easygenerator has been providing cloud-based authoring software since 2014. Employees are enabled to quickly create engaging content, instead of having to rely on traditional course methods. The Rotterdam-based company has more than thirty thousand users in over 150 countries. From 2015 Easygenerator’s annual financial turnover has increased by 100% two years running.        

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