Checklist: The e-learning software features you need in the telecoms industry

Choosing the right e-learning or authoring software for your organization can be the difference between an unresolved backlog of training requests and expensive maintenance costs, and accelerating your organization’s skill-set and success (and within budget).

But knowing what you need from your e-learning software is often a big question mark for L&D Managers. The features you’ll need will also vary from industry to industry.

Typically in the telecoms sector, you need your e-learning software to allow flexible 24/7 access and be available across multiple devices. It needs to be agile and enable Employee-generated Learning.

E-learning software checklist for Telecoms

Using extensive research and conversations with L&D Managers in telecoms, including T-Mobile, we’ve created a checklist to help you understand what you’re looking for and evaluate potential e-learning and authoring software. By adopting the right tools and enabling Employee-generated Learning, T-Mobile was able to create 5 times more training output at 25% of the cost.

We’ve identified the most common requirements telecoms L&D teams have of e-learning or authoring software and added them to this checklist. When you’re evaluating a new e-learning tool, tick off all the features it has. It’ll then be clear to you which learning solution best matches your needs.

checklist-imageEasygenerator is a cloud-based e-learning authoring software that can help you tick off pretty much every item on this checklist. Speak to one of our e-learning experts to request a demo of the tool or sign-up for a free 14-day trial.

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