Choosing the right e-learning software for FMCG

When you’re new to e-learning, finding the right e-learning or authoring software can be a daunting task. Do you create courses in-house? Do you hire an external instructional designer? Do you need authoring software or an LMS?

In the fast-paced consumer goods industry, your e-learning software requirements become even more specific. L&D teams in the FMCG sector need to meet large volumes of training requests on ever-tighter budgets. You need to evaluate whether your e-learning software enables rapid turnaround on courses, whether it’s easy to localize courses for your global market, how easy it is to access and collaborate on courses, does it enable user-generated content creation?

When you finally know what you need, searching through the market to find an e-learning tool or tools that can meet your requirements can be a step beyond.

How to use this checklist

Using our extensive research into the challenges faced by FMCG L&D Managers, we’ve created a useful checklist to help you understand what you’re looking for and evaluate potential e-learning and authoring software.

We’ve identified the most common requirements FMCG L&D teams have of their e-learning or authoring software and added them to this checklist. When you’re evaluating a new e-learning tool, tick off all the features it has. It’ll then be clear to you which learning solution best matches your needs.

E-learning software checklist for FMCG

Checklist FMCG L&DEasygenerator is a cloud-based e-learning authoring software that can help you tick off pretty much every item on this checklist. Speak to one of our e-learning experts to request a demo of the tool or sign-up for a free 14-day trial.

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