Dyslexie font added to Easygenerator to assist learners with Dyslexia

As a company that markets and sells technology solutions, it’s important for us also to leverage technology, technology that is in tune with the training departments philosophies of reducing friction and cognitive load for our learners. The recent inclusion of the Dyslexie font is an example of Easygenerator’s constant attempt to remove both for the learners, in this case for people with dyslexia. We have added it to our authoring tool on the request of Jonathan Stringer of Trintech.

Here is a contribution by Jonathan:

Friction can be the sticking point that distracts from achieving intuitive and painless learning. Cognitive load theory developed by John Sweller aids long-term retention by reducing the amount working memory required to learn something. As trainers, we want the learner’s efforts to be spent on understanding and absorbing essential knowledge while avoiding using-up precious brain power to organize and track new information.

It is estimated that 7%* of people globally struggle with words or letters that move around on a screen or page; known as Dyslexia. Dyslexia is a language-based learning disorder that includes poor word reading, word decoding, oral reading fluency and spelling which has nothing to do with IQ, since Einstein was a known Dyslexic. The design of the Dyslexie font uses letter spacing, asymmetrical shape, and bottom weighting to anchor the words to stop the movement – characteristics that help set people at their ease through the ingenious font design.

Using the Dyslexie font is just one of the ways that our training department can remove distractions and free up learners Cognitive load to improve their focus on understanding and absorbing the essential information about our technology solutions for finance offices that we sell across the globe.  *Peterson, RL; Pennington, BF (26 May 2012).“Developmental dyslexia.” (PDF). Lancet. 379 (9830): 1997–2007.doi:10.1016/s0140-6736(12)60198-6. PMID 22513218.

Dyslexie font in Easygenerator

We have added the font to Easygenerator last week. You can now select it in the Design Tab and use it. Here is an example course with this font 

If you want to read more about the font or download it go to the dyslexie font website