Dutch Edtech Startup Easygenerator Gains Traction by Hitting 30,000 users

This month Easygenerator registered its 30,000th user. The Dutch edtech startup allows employees within enterprises to create learning content themselves, relieving the traditional learning function from being overwhelmed by large amounts of smaller learning requests.

September 23, 2017

Easygenerator offers ready to use templates and a zero-learning curve authoring tool. Employees are enabled to create courses themselves, such as work instructions, product training and how-tos. Easygenerator courses require no instructional background by having best didactic best practices at the core, such as learning objectives.

The Shift to employee-generated content is happening

Easygenerator empowers employees to share knowledge or fulfill learning requests themselves. Learning and development functions are under constant budget restraints and swamped with learning requests, by having employees sharing learning content themselves, the L&D departments are relieved from creating small learning requests, and are able to focus on more formal training, such as compliance and company guidelines.

Word of mouth is the #1 focus

Word of mouth is measured by Net Promoter Score. The Net Promoter Score went from -22 to +56 within two years by focusing on fast iteration and having customer success teams stand by during office hours. The high NPS score directly resulted in increased word of mouth in the learning and development space.

Future of sharing knowledge with Easygenerator

Easygenerator’s future will focus on a mobile-first strategy, A.I. assistance in creating content, such as recommendations about course length, media usage and tone of voice to optimize the engagement of learners.

About Easygenerator: 

Easygenerator has been providing cloud-based authoring software since 2014. Employees are enabled to quickly create engaging content, instead of having to rely on traditional course methods. The Rotterdam-based company has more than 30.000 users in over 150 countries. Among its client base are companies like T-Mobile, Unilever, New Relic and Drake University. From 2015 Easygenerator’s annual financial turnover has increased by 100% two years running.    

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