BranchTrack scenarios in Easygenerator

We have added the option to create Scenarios in Easygenerator. The reason is Simple, we  have two main goals:

  1. Making it easy for you to create eLearning
  2. Helping you make more effective eLearning

One of the things that will help to create effective eLearning is if you can build in as many connections to the real world as you can. One of the best ways to do it is to create a real world scenario in a setting that the learner can recognize.


We decided not to build our own solution but to integrate the best and most intuitive existing scenario builder: BranchTrack. It is a real cool tool. 

How does it work?

When you have an Easygenerator Academy Plan, Branchtrack will be available for you by default. It is fully integrated as an extra Easygenerator question type without any extra costs. Just click it to start. You also do not have to do anything extra to integrate it in your course, it is done automatically.

Are there limitations?

Within your Academy Plan, you can create 3 scenarios. If you need more you can anytime upgrade in our web shop. You can upgrade to 10 active scenarios. Need even more than that or need more space for video or audio in your scenario? That is possible, you can also upgrade to a full BranchTrack account.