Author: Rolf Mulder

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Improving efficiency with blended learning: 5 best practices

Blended learning is one of the most efficient learning and development strategies around. That’s because it gives learners the “best of both worlds” by combining the benefits of e-learning and conventional classroom learning.

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How e-learning could revamp your onboarding training

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3 Costly errors all L&D professionals must avoid when developing e-learning tools

Considered an essential tool for driving business performance, e-learning continues to grow at a stellar rate.  Whether online training courses, webinars, eBooks or assessments, many organizations now offer their employees a suite of online course development tools – or are looking to do so in the near future.

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E-learning options: The best methods for digital learning - Part 2

We’ve already looked at how classic e-learning methods have shaped the digital learning landscape in part 1 of this series.. Let’s turn now to the latest technologies which are likely to be high on your list when shopping for an e-learning solution.

Educational technology, e-learning

E-learning options: The best methods for digital learning - Part 1

E-learning provides many benefits to organizations seeking to rapidly train large numbers of learners spread out across multiple locations. There is no easier, more cost-effective way to educate these learners than to give them access to digital training tools. However, you may be wondering what kinds of e-learning tools are available on the market today. This two-part series about e-learning options gives a quick intro to some of the most common digital learning methods around.

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How to write measurable learning objectives

If you are an educator who regularly creates course content for e-learning, it’s important that you know how to write explicit learning objectives. These are the goals that you want to achieve with your course or training content. They enable you to easily assess the effectiveness of your course.