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Guide to copyright-free images and other resources

Images are expensive, and you do not want to violate copyrights. Finding good images that you are allowed to use can be a challenge. Here is a list with free services to images and other resources that you are allowed to use.


What is SCORM-compliant?

For many companies who are new to e-learning, it can be difficult to decide if you want to build SCORM-compliant courses and run them in a learning management system (LMS) or if you should look at other options. Some might not even know what SCORM is or what it does. With the rise of Experience Application Programming Interface (xAPI) and other methods, SCORM is not the only option out there anymore.

user generated learning

Managing The Shift To User-Generated Content: 3 Case Studies

Learning departments face inevitable questions as they move toward user-generated content: Will the content be any good? Who is accountable for the quality? Let’s see 3 successful cases of implementing user-generator content.

user generated learning

12 Tools To Get Ahead With User Generated Learning

How can L&D teams find the right solution while also keeping up with their companies' fast-paced, business-driven learning needs? The answer is informal learning, using a broad range of new, tech-driven tools.

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Easygenerator launches gradebook

SCORM is a thing of the past as Easygenerator brings performance tracking and course engagement to the masses.

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L&D Professionals are Turning to Employee-generated Learning

Easygenerator up 18 places in the annual Jane Hart top 200 tool for learning.

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Dutch Edtech Startup Easygenerator Gains Traction by Hitting 30,000 users

This month Easygenerator registered its 30,000th user. The Dutch edtech startup allows employees within enterprises to create learning content themselves, relieving the traditional learning function from being overwhelmed by large amounts of smaller learning requests.

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Easygenerator Renews Global Nielsen Contract

Rotterdam-based startup helps data measurement company drive user-generated learning

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Easygenerator in Top 100 e-Learning Tools Globally

High adoption of online cloud tools and social media by learning professionals. 

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Still using Powerpoint for Courses? Really?

Easygenerator launches new version of its web-based e-learning authoring tool.

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