The added value of SCORM


The added value of SCORM

SCORM can be of great value to professionals working in the field of e-learning. But not everyone knows what it is or how it can be used. With 2019 only a few weeks away, it is time for a small refresher on SCORM and its benefits. 

The benefits of SCORM

If you’re a professional working in the e-learning or online training industry today, SCORM can be a very useful asset. It’s a plug-and-play solution that lets you reuse the same content in a wide range of systems with no need to adjust. This gives you the freedom to share learning material throughout your organization and even beyond. It makes selling your content a breeze, because it’s fast and easy to use, keeping your prices competitive.

These key benefits have pushed SCORM to become the go-to learning distribution method among large organizations. For example, the U.S. military, one of the most complex organizations on earth, has declared SCORM its standard content delivery system alongside xAPI. SCORM is rapidly spreading throughout the learning and development space. With all the buzz about it, you may be asking what SCORM can do for you, and which version is the most effective for your organization’s learning distribution needs?

The various versions of SCORM

We’ve found that SCORM is always beneficial and that you should take a multi-faceted approach to get the most out of it. Remember, SCORM is all about making learning distribution more versatile. It effectively bridges the gaps between various systems and tools your organization may already be using. You’ll achieve the best results when you support all versions of SCORM along with AICC. Let’s look at the most important versions:

SCORM 1.2 is supported by all major LMSs today and it still sets the standard for most content vendors out there. It was designed to fix multiple problems with the original version, SCORM 1.1. It’s enjoyed widespread adoption and is now basically a fact of life for the e-learning industry.

SCORM 1.3, which has been renamed SCORM 2004, is the newest version. Its main improvement on SCORM 1.2 is its sequencing and navigation (S&N) specification. This gives content vendors the power to define how sharable content objects (SCOs) work individually and in amongst other SCOs. As a result, content interactions becomes much richer and SCOs are far more frequently reused. SCORM 2004 is slowly on the rise and we predict that it will become increasingly relevant in the years ahead as the e-learning industry continues to embrace the power of reusable content-sharing technologies.

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