Added value of e-learning in blended learning

added value of e-Learning

Blended learning is a concept that a lot of people have heard of, but actually using it in an educational setting doesn’t happen a lot. Aside from the overall concept of blended learning, we will take a look into the role that e-learning plays in this matter.

First of all, blended learning is the combination of face-to-face education and electronic- and computer assisted learning. The advantages of this concept and the use of the online element of learning, improve the quality of learning of the students, they will be able to do more in-depth learning. Secondly, they learn more efficiently. Students learn at their own pace and take extra time to study or repeat the subjects they have more difficulties with. This gives them more autonomy in the learning process, which will lead to more motivation.

Improve quality with blended learning

Flipped classroom

The flipped classroom is a form of blended learning which improves the learning quality of the students. When flipping the classroom, you change the normal educational structure where the homework will be done in class and the lesson will be followed at home. This way the teacher will able to focus more on helping the students apply the content and focus more on the higher level learning skills. Following the lesson at home via an e-learning course provides the students to means to learn at their own pace, repeat or fast forward through the lesson.


A second application of blended learning to improve quality is pre-teaching. This consists of repeating the lesson for students who need more guidance and support to understand the content of the lesson. Teachers will be able to use e-learning to facilitate the guidance.


To improve the quality of the learning of your students, you need to make sure there is retention. What the students learn fades away in a short period of time. To retain what they have learned there is needed repetition. E-learning is an easy solution to deal with this issue. To check and guarantee the retention, create an online course or test.

Create more efficient e-learning

Automatic grading

To increase the efficiency of learning, automatic grading is a handy tool in e-learning courses. In tools like Easygenerator, it is possible to track the scores of the progress of the students.


Another advantage of blended learning, to gain more efficiency, is the possibility to add co-authors in an e-learning course. Teachers create courses together via the web, which increases the interdisciplinary. This involves creating better courses which can be checked and guarantee the quality.


When working with blended learning and e-learning courses, the motivation of your students will also increase. Students will have more space to fill in their own personal learning. It offers more flexibility and more autonomy and students will be responsible for their own development. So as a result, learners will be more intrinsically motivated to achieve the learning goals. Another advantage is the learning process will be more personalized. Weaknesses and strengths will be clear and anticipated. With this new educational software, the learner will evaluate and record their performance results. Thus, providing the option to view the progress rate at any time of the day.

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